In every case, Victor Energi- og Køleteknik A/S designs and optimises the heat pump system with individual adaptation so that the heating plant becomes the optimal solution with the highest COP and thus the best overall economy.

New heat pump systems supplied by Victor Energi- og Køleteknik A/S.

Since the year 2000, Victor Energi- og Køleteknik A/S has gained experience with operating refrigeration technology, heat pump technology, pipe installations and process plants, and since our founding, we have built and delivered more than 2,000 cooling and heat pump systems.

Our heat pump engineers have over 25 years of experience in dimensioning and installing heat pumps, including larger heat pumps with a heat output in excess of 300 kV.

At Victor Energi- og Køleteknik A/S, we never compromise on the quality of our products and solutions. We use only components of Western origin and of the highest quality for our heat pump systems. High efficiency and long-life components are combined to provide the highest present value for the customer's investment. Our design and choice of components also ensures that the overall system has low operating and maintenance costs.

Our heat pumps cover a full product range, from smaller heat pumps with a heat output of 300 kV to very large systems with outputs of up to 55 MW, which can be scaled up to even larger systems.

The energy for heat production is taken from natural energy sources, by cooling outdoor air in dry cooling plants, or possibly by cooling seawater, waste water, geothermal or surplus heat from e.g. data centres.

The vast majority of the district heating produced by the plant is thus fossil-free and CO2-saving. 

We design and optimise the heat pump system on a case-by-case basis to suit the needs of each heating plant and local conditions so that the plant achieves the highest possible COP and best overall economy.

A means to optimal success for both client and contractor is the establishment of a robust project organisation. Throughout the project, project management is handled by Victor Energi- og Køleteknik A/S as a general contractor.

The completion of the project, prefabrication and installation of the heat pump is done by our experienced blacksmiths and fitters, as well as a number of selected subcontractors – all of which have experience from similar projects.