Heat pump systems built by Victor Energi- og Køleteknik A/S have very low operating and maintenance costs.

Our heat pumps are built exclusively from premium components from suppliers with long histories of delivery. Each of our suppliers guarantees component performance, overall performance and the service life of components.

We ensure that all components in our plants come from reputable suppliers with a broad service network in Denmark, and that the most common spare parts can be available within 24 hours.

Our service department guarantees that emergency operational problems are solved immediately and that all other repairs are carried out before the problem leads to downtime. Our skilled technicians know the plants inside out and have detailed documentation on all components and plant layout, so they can quickly identify a problem and repair the damage.

Victor Energi- og Køleteknik A/S offers individually tailored service contracts for the entire heat pump system. A service contract is the customer's guarantee of hassle-free operation with maximum uptime.

In addition to the statutory inspections, the service contract can include operational service and 24-7 call-outs in the event of breakdowns, necessary spare parts, wear parts, oil, etc. The agreement is tailored individually to each customer and each installation.

Victor Energi- og Køleteknik A/S' quality assurance is organised in the "Improve" document management system. We are certified according to ISO standards 9001:2015, 3834-2:2005, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO45001:2018.

The Improve system is used for describing work processes, document management, recording and handling deviations and skills management. The management system also includes procedures for control and inspection activities and associated documentation. The system is our, and our customers', guarantee that all processes are controlled and performed correctly.

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